Proveedor de Clase Mundial de Tecnología CIJ - Continuous Ink Jet

Los productos Citronix son comercializados en todo el mundo a través de una red de distribuidores autorizados y capacitados.


Amplia Gama de Tintas para Diversas Aplicaciones

Las tintas Citronix ofrecen excelente adhesión en una variedad de substratos con secado rápido para atender a diversas aplicaciones.

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Tecnología Avanzada de Codificación y Marcaje

Las impresoras Citronix utilizan la última tecnología para imprimir de forma fiable a alta velocidad y con una excelente calidad de impresión.


Simple, Capaz, Confiable y de Excelente Valor

Citronix utiliza tecnología CIJ de clase mundial diseñada y fabricada en los Estados Unidos.


Diseñada para el cliente

Las impresoras Citronix son reconocidas por su interfaz intuitiva, personalizable y fácil de usar.

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Our industrial printers are built upon Citronix’s long heritage and core values of Simple, Capable, Reliable and Excellent Value, positioning us as one of the world’s leading coding and marking brands.

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Our ci5000 Series small character printers and inks are ideal for high volume, direct to product and primary packaging applications. These robust printers are great for harsh environments and difficult to print on substrates.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Our ct2000 Series Hi-Res printers and inks are great for applications that require crisp barcodes and images. This versatile range can print on porous and non-porous substrates up to 100mm high and with a throw distance up to 13mm.


Las impresoras Citronix se encuentran en las aplicaciones de codificación y marcaje más exigentes en industrias como alimentos y bebidas, extrusión, cables y alambres, cosméticos, productos farmacéuticos y de salud, componentes electrónicos, automotriz, construcción y otros sectores industriales.

Industrial Inkjet Experts

Citronix is a world class manufacturer of high-speed industrial printers that are suitable for printing onto nearly any material in any application. Our products help

  • Keep your production line running through exceptional reliability and performance.
  • Reduce waste and cost by printing directly onto products and packaging, without the need for keeping an inventory of high cost pre-printed labels.
  • Provide consumers with important product information.
  • Manage supply chains with product traceability information such as batch codes and serial numbers.
  • Meet an ever-growing list of regulatory requirements for product safety and traceability.

Citronix Benefits

Designed and manufactured in the USA to our core values of Simple, Capable, Reliable and Excellent Value, our products can be found in the most demanding applications. We also continue to invest in the development and support of our products so that they can continue to meet the demands of our customers now and in the future. This is why manufacturers across a wide range of applications and environments continue to trust Citronix for their coding and marking needs.


Our industry leading graphical user interface has been carefully designed with customers and support in mind.


Our feature rich printers solves your coding and marking needs in nearly any application imaginable.


Our long history of continuous improvement allows us to offer an industry leading warranty on our printers.


Focusing on what is important allows our printers to provide exceptional value.

Our Global Network

Our printers, original inks, spares and accessories are sold and supported across the globe through our network of factory authorized and trained distributors.

They have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the care and support you need. With a user interface available in more than 40 different languages, our printers have been sold into nearly every country and environment across the globe.

If you would like to learn more about how our products can meet your coding and marking needs, please contact your local Citronix representative.

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