Citronix's printers are found in the most demanding coding and marking applications across industries such as food and beverage, extrusion, cable and wire, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare, electronic components, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors.

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High Speed

Print onto glass bottles at high speed, with confidence, using our HS50 printers.

Industrial Parts

Confident coding with inks that adhere to nearly any surface.


Multiple colors, good adhesion and meter marking will meet your wire & cable needs.

Pipe Extrusion

Print onto PVC and other extruded materials at high temperatuer.

PET Water Bottles

Print onto plastic bottles at high speed, with confidence, using our HS50 printers

Yogurt Tubs

Cold fill applications with thin layers of moisture, such as yogurt tubs, can be printed on with confidence.

Chocolate Packaging

With a range of low odor, low taint inks, you can confidently code without worrying about tarnishing the chocoloate.

Microwave soups

Retort resistant inks work well for process food applications hat require heating or microwaving.

3 piece cans

Our inks can withstand high temperatures, just like those used to process canned food.

Tinned Tuna

Our thermotropic ink change color after cans have been "cooked" for safe, effective process control.

Glass jar peaches

Citronix printers are perfect for printing onto nearly any substrates, including glass, reliably at high speed.

Plastic Caps

Our micro range of printers are perfect for printing small codes onto small products.

Soy sauce Caps

Print onto the right landing spot, at high speed, every single time.


Citronix caustic washable inks and large CIJ print height are great for reuseable kegs, typical of the brewing industry.

Egg Coding

With both red and blue Direct Food Contact (DFC) inks available, you can code your eggs with confidence.

Aluminum Bottle Caps

Print onto aluminium caps used in the bottling industry at high speed.

Dairy Cartons

Plastics range of inks work well on Tetrapak in cold fill applications.

Single Use Glass Bottle

Use our permanent inks for long lasting codes and traceability.

Oil Filters

High contrast inks show up great on oil filters and other automotive applications.

Sauce bottle labels

High quality printing for high-end applications where image is everything.


RoHs and WEEE compliant inks designed specifically for the electronics industry.

Disc Brake Pads

Contrast inks are great for harsh environments.

Electronic Parts

Micro printer for printing small text quickly and reliably onto small parts.

Automotive Parts

High contrast, temperature and oil resistant inks for the automotive industry.

Nail Varnish

High quality printing for applications where image matters.

Ethanol Bottles

Alcohol resistant inks for applications that require additional robustness.

Aerosol Can

Print onto metal aerosol cans with confidence.

Dish Soap

Print onto irregularly shaped surfaces with clear coding.


Use the small print micro printer for discrete coding onto small landing areas.

Tetra Pak Cartons

Print at high speed with good adhesion onto Tetrapak cartons.

Blister Packs

High reliability is perfect for the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.


Print directly onto high volume domestic products with irregular surfaces.

Pharma Boxes

Print text with high quality, high reliability and high traceabilility.

Perfume Bottles

UV Readable inks are perfect for discrete security coding.


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